Alumno has been creating high-quality student accommodation for over fourteen years.

Since our beginnings in 2006 Alumno has specialised in creating high-quality and modern accommodation for students. We have worked with universities, colleges and other key stakeholders to provide homes for more than 5,000 students in key cities such as London, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Norwich and Bristol.

Our innovative, thorough and consultative approach means our projects go beyond just being about the accommodation.

Placemaking is a key driver in our designs and our projects have provided work spaces for graduates and local startups, created new public art spaces and restored historic buildings. Ensuring that everything we do brings benefits back to the local community is central to who we are.

We work closely with our partners to design and develop high-quality, safe, affordable and sustainable purpose-built homes for living, learning and leisure whether you’re a student, a member of the local community, work for a university, college or an investor.

Despite challenging economic times and complex legislation, we’ve continued to evolve and grow.

The secret to our approach is forging strong partnerships right from the start so we gain a deep-rooted understanding of each project and its surrounding community.

This lays the foundations to address and meet every project’s objectives, from future demand to operational needs, to ensure we deliver high-specification facilities on time and within budget.

For more information about Alumno, visit www.alumnogroup.com