We carried out research into the need for Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) in Leeds before beginning to plan our scheme.

  • Numbers of full-time students at the four Leeds Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have increased by 45% since 2000
  • There has been a 23% increase in overseas students, who are more likely to live in PBSA, since 2002
  • 87% of higher education students in Leeds are in full-time education, making them more likely to need homes in the city
  • The University of Leeds provides accommodation for 29% of its full-time students, and Leeds Beckett houses 30. Therefore, there is only so much accommodation available from the universities
  • Currently only 49.5% of students will be provided with homes, leaving more than half needing to rent privately
  • An increase in PBSA frees up private properties for much needed family housing



  • In total, Higher Education students in Leeds spend more than £1.42 billion per year with more than £700 million of this being off-campus expenditure
  • The HEIs are a major driver of economic growth in the city through their research capabilities and their contributions to the knowledge economy
  • At its peak it is estimated that the site will employ a workforce of up to 200
  • The value of the construction of the accommodation is estimated to be up to £30 million
  • Spending in the local area by the 413 students who will live at the Whitelock Street development is estimated to total almost £2.4 million per year