Together with a team of architects and consultants, we have come up with a scheme we believe will work on the Whitelock Street site. Our proposals are set out below.

Why Leeds?

The number of students studying in Leeds has increased by 45% since 2000. The city has the fifth highest number of students in England, 15% of which are overseas students, who are more likely to live in PBSA.

Taking into consideration other upcoming developments that are either under construction or have been approved by the council, by 2023 PBSA will provide for only 49.5% of students in the city. The University of Leeds alone recognises in its Masterplan the need for 1,000 bed spaces provided on or near campus by 2025.

The Site

The site is ideally located within short walking and cycling distance to almost all of Leeds’ Higher Education Institutions as illustrated in the image below.

The site is located between Whitelock Street, Sheepscar Street South (A61) and Sheepscar Grove to the north of Leeds City Centre. The site also has the Sheepscar Beck river running to the north of the site. The site is close to local amenities such as Aldi, Waitrose, and the Eagle Tavern.

As shown in the photos below, the current site is in need of redevelopment. The site is currently occupied by worn-down buildings and vacant space which is prone to fly tipping, has poor street lighting and does not offer anything back to the community.

The open space on the site attracts rubbish.

There are empty units on site.

Current buildings are outdated and run down.

Our Proposals

Following positive discussions with the council we have developed proposals that we believe will greatly enhance the area.

The proposals include:

  • A six and part seven storey building with good quality architecture and entrances from Whitelock Street
  • Circa 410 student bedrooms for students in a range of different unit sizes
  • Student amenities including a gym, cinema, and laundry
  • Artists’ studios, and workshop and exhibition space for emerging local artists

To create a sense of place, the proposals will also provide:

  • A west facing roof terrace with wide views of the city
  • A landscaped courtyard at ground level
  • A small number of car parking spaces for staff, disabled students and visitors

Our proposals aim to dramatically improve the streetscape with tree planting, new pavements, active building frontages, and good quality architecture. Our plans will not only benefit the residents of the new building, but residents and businesses in the surrounding area.

Sustainability and Green Space

Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency in March 2019.  We share the Council’s aspirations to deliver a sustainable development. We are committed to creating green space within and surrounding our buildings.

Sustainability measures include:

  • BREAAM ‘very good’ building sustainability
  • 10% renewable energy generated on site
  • 20% improvement on current energy efficiency requirements
  • New habitats for birds and river-based wildlife
  • 1650sqm of open space in the courtyard and roof terrace
  • Excellent cycle storage provision

This development will include greenery both on the roof terrace and in the courtyard, as well as planting trees along the street, improving air quality along Whitelock Street. Below are sketches of our plans for green space in the development.


We are still currently in the early stages of this development and have not yet submitted a planning application to Leeds City Council. Before this happens, we will be looking to engage with the community and get feedback on our plans as we are keen to go forward with proposals that work for everyone. 

Our current aims for the timescales of this scheme are as follows:

Friday 14 February 2020 – Public consultation event

March 2020 – Planning application submitted

Late 2020 – Construction begins on site